Our Story

Our journey began at Frames Group, where our team initially collaborated and worked together. Armed with extensive collective experience in the energy sector, the team at Green Gas & Liquids shares a profound passion for green energy and an unwavering commitment to creating a meaningful impact on the environment.


Today, fueled by our shared ambition and enthusiasm, we are eager to innovate and devoted to fostering positive change in the world.

In our first strategic move, we proudly acquired exclusive rights to groundbreaking renewable energy technologies, Galloxol®,  Hybrisol®, and Laminol® from Plug power (Frames), marking the beginning of a transformative journey. We are committed to advancing this technology and evolving it into a range of innovative green solutions that will define the future of sustainable energy.


In addition to our new projects, we are also offering maintenance and service support for the New energies technology projects previously delivered by Frames Renewable Energy Solutions.

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