Carbon Capture Solution

Carbon Capture System

Galloxol® employs an established process technology based on accelerated salt technology. The chosen solvent is biodegradable and ensures safety. This technology efficiently captures CO2 from flue gases through an absorption/desorption cycle, allowing for continuous regeneration and reuse of the solvent.


Moreover, our system incorporates highly effective heat integration,  leading to reduced operating costs. Galloxol® is a very cost-effective solution, with reduced environmental impact and improved CO2 quality compared to generic amine solutions.


This versatile solution finds application in various industries. The captured carbon should not be seen as a waste product but as a valuable resource.

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Boosting CO2 levels in greenhouses is a well-established approach to increasing yield. However, horticulturalists striving to minimize their carbon footprint often face challenges in maintaining optimal CO2 levels. The majority of available CO2 in the market is a byproduct of fossil fuel combustion or processing.


At Green Gas & Liquids, we offer an advanced and proven CO2 capture solution tailored for the horticultural sector, leveraging our Galloxol®-based technology. This exclusive solvent allows for efficient capture and purification of CO2 from all energy sources such as  flue gases from wood-fired boilers. The resulting bio-CO2, purified to an impressive 99.9%, which meets the rigorous quality standards set by the Dutch horticultural sector. Its use within the greenhouses will be a unique example for the circular economy.

Other Industries

In various other small and medium size industries that use different type of energy sources, our Carbon capture technology is vital in curbing emissions. Moreover, the CO2 captured can be converted into a versatile, liquefied form, suitable for a range of industrial applications. The purified CO₂ can be used food, beverages, packaging, agriculture or it can be converted into fuels and chemicals and other organic materials.


Experience swift returns on your investment in a short period of time.

Engage in a sustainable model where resources circulate seamlessly, fostering long-term economic advantages.

Enjoy minimal operating and maintenance costs.

Attain exceptional efficiency with an impressive 90% heat recovery rate.

Generate pure, high-quality CO2 for your specific needs.

Contribute to the environment by implementing the most cutting-edge solutions available in the market.

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