Biogas Treatment

Biogas Upgrading and Treatment

Biogas is a significant source of renewable energy, containing valuable gases such as methane and CO2, along with trace gases like H2O, H2S, NH3, and VOCs.


Hybrisol® harnesses advanced physical solvent absorption and membrane technology to produce a market-ready biomethane stream. Additionally, it yields a CO2 gas stream as a valuable byproduct, bio-CO2. This pure and dry gaseous CO2 stream can be immediately utilized across diverse applications or efficiently liquefied for future needs.


Moreover, the Hybrisol® process effectively removes almost all traces of water and VOCs, including compounds like terpenes, from the product streams. The best process for removing terpenes from biogas is adsorption based on activated carbon, but this is accompanied by high operating costs. Hybrisol® technology removes terpenes in a single step to below the odor threshold at merely a fraction of the cost of using activated carbon adsorption. Water is first removed via physical absorption and subsequently via membrane separation.



Experience swift returns on your investment in a short period of time.

Engage in a sustainable model where resources circulate seamlessly, fostering long-term economic advantages

Enjoy minimal operating and maintenance costs.

Achieve outstanding efficiency with minimal energy consumption.

Produce pure, high-quality methane & CO2 for your specific needs.

Generate pure, high-quality methane and CO2 for the specific needs op your business.

Contribute to the environment by implementing the most cutting-edge solutions available in the market.

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